Review groups and fields

Cochrane is based on the work the review groups, whose task is to produce systematic reviews that are then disseminated through the Cochrane Library, and the fields, which coordinate the groups' work , raise awareness of the need and importance of systematic reviews, and promote the preparation and maintenance of specialized databases of systematic reviews.
Two groups and two fields are located in Italy.

Cochrane Drug and Alcochol Group

Department of Epidemiology ASL RME
Via Cristoforo Colombo, 112
00154 Roma (Italy)
Coordinating Editors: Marina Davoli ; Laura Amato

Managing Editor: Zuzana Mitrova

It is the first group that established its editorial base in Italy, in 1998. Fabrizio Faggiano and Silvia Minozzi are part of the publishing group, too. In addition to the editorial activities, it has always been active in the dissemination of the evidence to health personnel, patients, consumers, and stakeholders.

Multiple Sclerosis and Rare Diseases of the Central Nervous System Group

Unit of Neuroepidemiology - Istituto Nazionale Neurologico “C. Besta”

Via Celoria, 11
20133 Milano (Italy)
Coordinating Editor: Graziella Filippini
Group coordinator: Liliana Coco

The second group with the editorial base in Italy started its activities in late 1998. In addition to the editorial activities, the group has always kept a close relationship with the Cochrane Consumer network, through the work of some active consumers representatives (Daniela Lupo, Silvana Simi, Claudia Baiocchi).

Cochrane Neurological Field

Direzione Salute, Coesione Sociale e Società della Conoscenza
Sezione Programmazione socio-sanitaria, assistenza di base e ospedaliera
Regione Umbria
Via M. Angeloni, 61
06124 Perugia (Italy)
Field Director: Teresa Cantisani
Field Coordinator: Kathy Mahan

Cochrane Vaccines Field

Servizio Sovrazonale di Epidemiologia - ASL AL
Via Venezia, 6
15121 Alessandria (Italy)
Field Director: Carlo di Pietrantonj
Field Coordinator: Donatella Tiberti